The most serious place to make friends or get a date in your travels or near your home.

The most serious website to make friends or get a date inside or outside your usual circle.

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John Barber's testimonial
John M. Barber

It was my first time in Panama and that girl I met using Meetero was my best guide and also an unforgettable girlfriend.

Angela Alonso's testimonial
Angela Alonso

I had a great time on my study trip to China, Meetero helped me find the perfect team. The result was magical. I'm sure we will work together again.

Pamela White's testimonial
Pamela White

I never thought of remarrying, but this romantic guy who only lived two blocks from my house and who I was never going to meet, has changed my mind and my life, and now I have been married to him for 3 years.

Welcome to Meetero!

Rather than a dating site, Meetero is a social media for dating, where your entire profile matters and not just your pics. You can search here for for love, friendship or even collaboration. Initially designed to help travelers and locals to get in touch and exchange cultures, you can use Meetero to find anyone, anywhere you want. It was made to meet your needs and crafted accordingly.

It doesn't matter what you are looking for. Meetero is a place where you can share the stuff that matters to you. It really has the limits you decide to give to it.

Friends in the beach

Are you traveling to a new city, state or country and you want to know new people around? Then Meetero is the tool designed for that.

Preparing for the next trip

Are you looking for a soul mate looking for people like you and having affinities with you? Or even someone a little different than you, but still looking for people like you? Then Meetero is, again, the right tool for your quest.

Friendship between male and female is possible!

Do you want to build a team and are looking for people with similar passions or specific skills? Then Meetero could help you once more (but take into account that Meetero was not designed to help people finding a job, it's just a place where you can find people by their skills or professions, if your want). You can also find people by their physical appearance, lifestyle, income and much more.

Happy friends on the grass

Although the core topic of Meetero is getting in touch with new people, it is still a very open place. You can use and enjoy it to share several, necessarily related, things.

Hearts on the clothesline

We human beings are versatile. Meetero was sculpt that way. Join now if you are not a member or log in!