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Answers to Frequent Questions

Why don't you have photo verification?

A: Do you mean the feature consisting in imitating a gesture and taking a picture to see if that gesture matches the one you see in a picture we show you? We don't have this because it sucks and because if you don't have an excellent phone camera or light conditions are not ideal or you are using a PC or laptop instead, it will not work.

We don't like to disappoint or discourage our users. If someone uses false pictures or has a false profile, we have much better methods to detect it rather than annoy our legitimate users. We don't want this in any way.

Sure adding a photo verification feature showing that you are really posting your pictures is another thing we will use when appropriate. But the other method of verification is still experimental and does not always work.

Automation is good, but it's far from being perfect. And if it might disappoint a user to the point of not being able to use the website anymore, automation should be definitively banned. [ Top]

Do you support phone verification?

A: Phone verification is a reliable system to verify users and avoid duplicate or deceptive profiles. So yes, phone verification is a good choice and will be fully implemented soon. It basically consists in receiving an SMS message with a code, which will be inserted in an appropriate text field, so the user account can be verified. This code is sent just once to a randomly selected users. We don't require users to retrieve SMS codes for routine operations such as login or register. [ Top]

Do you support two-step authentication?

A: We don't support two-step authentication for two reasons. First of all, it will make more complicated to use our system, forcing users to perform extra operations to get an extra security layer, which is not justified in a platform where you are not forced to manage real names or sensitive information. The second reason is that our service is especially useful for people who travel and want to make friends outside their confort areas. And two-step authentication would force them to use only familiar devices with local cellular phone lines. And this would break our business model. After all, most websites don't force users to have a two-step authentication. Websites or apps like TikTok don't even require having an account. The freedom of our users is the most important thing for us. [Top]

Does Meetero use artificial intelligence?

A: The answer is yes. Meetero was designed to use artificial intelligence not only to detect faces, moderate fake profiles, and other routine stuff like that, but also to determine the best search results for you. We will not use it to interfere to your privacy or to tailor ads as most websites do, we use it to help you achieve the goal for which you created a Meetero account, find people and priorizing those who probably will like you. [Top]

How are search results determined in Meetero?

A: Artificial intelligence is, again, a big actor, but this is not the only factor. Like any other complex ranking algorithm, we use several signals. Each user will have a score and each user builds a history of searches and chats. Using past searches is a good method to determine your preferences, but we also take into account the participation level, the popularity and the reputation of each user, including our training affinity models and specific search criteria that each user has in any search.

And, since we don't trust automation at 100%, we always leave some room for manual adjustments. We also use random features in case you are not satisfied with suggested matches. [Top]

What does « trained affinity model » mean?

A: The world affinity would suggest a persons having compatible personality, tastes and goals with you, but in reality, by affinity model we mean a score according to which a given user is subject to like you. That is, people who are more inclined to like profiles similar to your profile, will be the most visible to you. The affinity score is computed by comparing your profile with the average search history of some given user. [Top]

Is my location important?

A: Since the goal of Meetero is finding people anywhere a given user wants, we don't use geolocalization to make assumption about preferred locations. We don't use GPS geolocalization because not all the devices support GPS and we want to make our service available to many devices, including computers or old phones. Location of your searches is entirely delegated to your search criteria every time you make a search (even if we always remember your previous search criteria). Today, you may search for people near you. Tomorrow you may search for people living in China or in Australia because, for example, you are planning to take a trip there, for any other reason or just to have a casual chat without any meeting. The physical distance in Meetero is only a choice, not a requirement. [Top]

What are your rules?

A: On Meetero, you are free to express yourself, but always be nice and respectful with others. If someone complains about your behavior, your reputation score will be negatively affected and we could moderate or ban your account in case of severe abuses.

There are also a few things we don't tolerate, including, but not limited to:

  • impersonification
  • making hoaxes or romantic scams
  • profiles identified to be insincere, deceptive or second-purpose
  • spammy profiles
  • erotic profiles
  • fake profiles
  • profiles making any kind of bitcoin business offer

We also detect and delete duplicate profile, even if this is not a violation. The complete list is not listed here, you can find it in our Norms of Acceptable Use. [Top]

How is popularity calculated?

A: Popularity is a factor we take into account when we provide search results. It depends on how many people visit and vote your profile, write you messages or tease you. It also depends on your reputation score. In short, it depends on the way people react to your profile and how good you are as a user. [Top]

How is participation calculated?

A: The participation score computes your level of involvement in Meetero. A user that never logs in and doesn't interact with people in a given moment is less interesting than someone who use the service on a daily basis. And this is reflected in search results. The score is not definitive, it is recalculated regularly. In particular, we consider: how often you are online, how often you visit profiles, contact people, vote others and so on, it also depends on your profile completion, including how many pictures you have and how descriptive your personal ad is. Other factors not listed may be considered. [Top]

What is the Favorites Folder? What does it mean?

A: In your normal use of Meetero, you will always find people you like more than others, or people you are interested in, but you wish to contact later because you have no time right now. Sure, you are allowed to search someone by username, but we don't want to force you to remember a username or to bookmark a specific profile with your browser. For this reason, we provide the Favorite Folder, a facility allowing you to bookmark profiles you have liked, and you want to visit again. In that Favorite Folder you can add or remove profiles at any time. We also provide a list of profile you are voted. But this is not necessarily a favorite list, so we keep them separated. [Top]

What is the Blacklist Folder?

A: The Blacklist Folder is technically similar to your Favorite Folder, but it has the opposite meaning. You will find there the profiles you have blocked, and you don't want to see or chat with. A blocked profile can't see your profile, contact you or follow your activity. But notice that blocked persons are still able to see your profile when they are logged out, unless you set your profile as a private, meaning that only online meetero users can see it. You can make a profile private any time in the Settings.

In the Blacklist Folder, you'll manage the profiles you have blocked and unblock some of them if you want. After all, you may block someone by mistake, or you could change your mind about a blocked user. But contrary to the Favorite Folder, you can only manage your Blacklist Folder in Settings, it is not available in the user interface. [Top]

Does my Meetero profile get listed in search engines?

A: In Meetero, you are not required to have an account to just search for people or see a profile. Anyone can. This means that profiles are public by default. But you can still set your profile as private in the Preferences, so you won't be found by search engines and only Meetero users who are online can see it. However, this will not guarantee that you will no longer be listed in search engines, since each search engine updates its indexes at different speeds, and we have no control over that. If you put your profile as private it will be eventually removed by seaerch engines. [Top]

Can I search for someone by username?

A: Yes, you can instantly locate someone by username on Meetero, but only if you are logged-in in your Meetero account. This function is not public, but don't forget that your profile can still appear in search engines. Therefore, if you don't want this, you definitively have to set your profile as private. [Top]

How much is my privacy respected on Meetero?

A: Your privacy is 100% respected. We don't sell your personal data to any third-party actor, and we don't use it to show tailored ads to you. Your profile data is exclusively used within the context of our website and the way it works. We don't use your personal data for any other purpose, as we explain in our privacy statement. [Top]

Do you use the location service in your app or website?

A: We don't need to geolocalize people or use your phone's GPS to fetch your position, because our platform is not focused on matching nearby people and not any device has a GPS sensor. Most computers don't have it. [Top]

How do you manage location in searches?

A: We don't localize people to provide them with nearby profiles, you get listed in the search results if your location matches with someone's search criteria, or according to your rank in global search results. You can update your location anytime in your profile. When you are searching the last searched location is used by default, unless you don't specify another. If you don't have a search in your history or if you proposefully leave the location blank, then you will get a global search result where location is not taken into account. That global search result is also provided by default the first time you use your account or in the public search page. [Top]

How do pictures work and what are the limits?

A: You can upload up to 25 pictures, each picture should be at least 360 pixels wide and the size shall not exceed 5 megabytes. In your profile, and in other people's profiles, you can see pictures individually or see them in a carousel. Pictures are sorted by upload date in descending order, that is, the most recent updated picture comes first. If you put more than 25 pictures, no error message will stop you, but the oldest photos will be overridden. [Top]

Do you put watermarks on my photos?

A: We don't do that, because your photos belong to you, they don't belong to Meetero. We consider abusive websites that automatically assume that they own the photos posted by their users, and we don't want to do the same. By uploading a picture, you just authorize us to use it inside our platform. But you are still the owner of the photo and decide any time whether keep or remove it from your profile. You can find more details about this in our Conditions or in our Privacy Statements. [Top]

What pictures are moderated or banned?

A: We moderate or ban erotic pictures, photos with watermarks or text, images without people, photos impersonating someone that is not you, including but not limited to celebrities, avatars, cartoon avatars (even if they represent you) or any other stuff that is unrelated to you. You can find further details about this in our Norms of Acceptable Use. The moderation process about banned pictures is finally at our entire discretion. [Top]

Can I send pictures via chat?

A: You can not send a photo or any media via chat. The chat in Meetero was not designed for file sharing. Once you get in touch with someone, you can share your email, mobile phone number, or you can add or get added to WhatsApp, Telegram, Signal and many others. These instant messaging services are already excellent for advanced actions and file sharing. Duplicating these functionalities in Meetero is not necessary and would only make Meetero slower. Our job is to help you to get in touch with new people. Any additional feature is outside the purposes of this service. Sure we are planning to add vocal messages ans vocal personal ads.

Also, another important reason to avoid file sharing in our website is preventing the abuses consisting of sending sensitive or offensive material that annoy women so much and coming from people they still don't know. [Top]

Can I delete my account? Would it get really deleted?

A: You can delete your account in your Settings. However, we allow you a grace period of 28 days, just in case you change your mind, and you want to get your account back. During these 28 days, your account will just get deactivated, but not deleted. After that, it will be permanently deleted.

Contrary to other websites and applications, we have no interest in keeping personal data from people that have deleted their accounts. We consider this a privacy violation, maybe a necessary evil in these times, but we are not in the business of selling people's personal data. Therefore, after the 28 days of the grace period, your account will be really and completely deleted. [Top]

Can I appeal a moderation decision?

A: We believe that most moderation decisions are just the consequence of mistakes from our users, they are not the result of deliberate vandalism. In general, people may return to their steps and many mistakes deserve a second chance. You can appeal a moderation decision, but you have to confirm you will not make the same mistake again. And, depending on the nature of the violation and the justification you provide, we can consider your rectification and make a decision about this. Moderation decisions must be considered individually, they can not be generalized. However, some violations, such as scams, fake profiles, etc., can't be appealed, and they lead directly to an account deletion. Check our Conditions and our Norms of Acceptable Use for more about this. [Top]

My question is not listed. May I ask directly?

A: Sure. You can still use our contact form to get in touch with us. [Top]

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