Terms and Conditions


Creating an account on Meetero means an implicit acceptation of what follows, therefore you are advised to read and understand all the clauses contained in this document. We decline any responsibility if you don't do it. If you have any doubt, you are invited to contact us.

Our Terms of Use and Legal Notices (Terms and Conditions)

1. Definitions and Scope

1.1 Our platform is technically a social media whose main goal is to help people to meet each other for friendship, love or collaboration. Although it was specially designed for travelers who like to meet new people in the places where they go, Meetero can be used to meet new people in general, even people nearby. This service may be used for dating because dating is part of the general concept we cover, but it is not limited to dating.

1.2 We only are responsible for what happen inside our service. We are not responsible for any accident or abuse occurring as a result of someone you have known in our app or someone you have meet throughout it. In general, we make sure that Meetero is a fun and secure place to meet new people, share experiences and form teams. But this does not mean that common sense is superfluous and that everyone should be trusted. Basic precautionary measures must be taken and we are not responsible about what you do outside Meetero. For more information about safety when meeting someone new, please refer to our safety tips.

1.3 We usually call "user" any man or woman that have an active account with meetero and who may or not be online. We usually call "visitor" any man or woman who is visiting our website but does not necessarily has an account. Search engine bots or other kind of bots are not considered visitors and we do not make reference to them in this document. Visitors are still not users, but users may be visitors if they are not online, since, in these occasions, users and visitors are not distinguishable. In these cases we use both terms interchangeably.

2. Validity of Our Terms

2.1 Our terms and conditions are subject to be updated at any time and any change is retroactive, that is, a user can't justify not having complied with a given clause just because it was not there before. A periodical check of these terms is advisable.

3. User's Content

3.1 Users are entirely responsible for the content they post, we don't restrict or censure them. However, in order to ensure the best possible user experience, we strongly monitor the following:

    3.1.1 Each profile is genuine and not fake.

    3.1.2 Each user is on Meetero for the purposes Meetero has been designed for.

    3.1.3 Each user respects our terms and conditions.

    3.1.4 Each user respects our policies of acceptable use.

    3.1.5 Meetero will not be used to conduct or engage in hoaxes, cheats or scams.

    3.1.6 No profile will be used to make spam.

    3.1.7 No profile will be used to promote any product or service.

    3.1.8 No profile will be used to promote any social media account such as, but not limited to Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Onlyfans, etc.

    3.1.9 No profile will be used to offer any questionable business (especially related with crypto currencies), or engage in any illegal activity.

    3.1.10 No profile will be made in such a way to result deceptive or affect, harm, or annoy any user.

    3.1.11 No profile will be made in such a way that would violate any rule, or law.

    3.1.12 No profile will violate any copyright.

    3.1.13 No profile will be used to impersonate celebrities, other people or even abstract figures or fictional characters.

    3.1.14 No profile will represent children.

Engaging in any activity described above or similar may result in moderation, ban or even permanent closure of your account.

3.2 It's strictly forbidden, in your profile, to:

    3.2.1 Specify your email address.

    3.2.2 Provide any url or web address.

    3.2.3 Put a reference to your Instagram, Facebook or any other social media account.

    3.2.4 Specify any phone number.

    3.2.5 Providing any address or any other sensitive information.

    3.2.6 Specify anyone else's sensitive or general data.

You may only share your email addresses, phone numbers, WhatsApp IDs or any other personal information in the chat. Nothing of this is allowed in your profile. We shall reserve the right to modify, delete any content violating these rules. We may also moderate your account in some cases, for example in case of multiple violations..

4. User's Actions

4.1 Users must have the legal age to sign up, this age may depend on the country where you live. If you don't have the legal age, you are not authorized to open an account, and if you do it, despite that, we decline any responsibility and we shall reserve the right to delete your account if we discover any violation of this kind.

4.2 The user will not use this website/app to harm, annoy, harass, bully or hurt any other user.

4.3 Each user should be nice and respectful to any other user.

4.4 This is not an adult site. Posting adult content is strictly forbidden, and we may moderate or close the account of the offending users.

4.5 In order to ensure the previous clause, we don't allow by design, in our chat, to share pictures or any other kind of media with other users, since the goal of this website is to help people to get in touch, not to share things.

4.6 This website/app was not designed to offer advanced chat features such as video calls. Our chat is only meant to allow people to make initial contact. Once they share their WhatsApp, Telegram or any other instant messaging ID, the use case ends, no additional or advanced chat functions, unless basic voice support when applicable, is provided. These lackng advanced functions are already available in other instant messaging applications and these features are out of the scope of our platform.

4.7 The user shall only post pictures representing him/herself. We don't allow:

    4.7.1 Nude, erotic or offending pictures of any kind.

    4.7.2 Pictures impersonating another person than the user.

    4.7.3 Avatars (even if they represent the user).

    4.7.4 Pictures with brands, watermarks or any other sign, even if the user owns them.

    4.7.5 Pictures containing people other than the user or without people at all.

    4.7.6 The main picture shall not represent the user with other people in such a way the user can't be recognized.

    4.7.7 Pictures of celebrities. If you are a celebrity, you must prove your identity.

    4.7.8 Pictures that violate any copyright.

    4.7.9 Pictures that are hard to understand or are unacceptable for any other reason.

5. Pictures Ownership

5.1 The user is the only owner of his/her pictures and he/she can remove them in any circumstances.

5.2 Due to the preceding clause, we don't put any watermark or brand name to our users' pictures.

5.3 When a user doesn't post any picture, a default avatar is set.

5.4 We reserve the right to remove any photo we deem inappropriate, we are not obliged to give explanations for this and the decisions behind any of these actions are at our sole discretion.

5.5 However, the user may appeal a moderation decision, but this does not guarantee that we will reverse any such decisions.

6. About Moderation

6.1 We use a combination of automatic and human methods to monitor a correct use of our platform and ensure that all the clauses from our terms and conditions and from our policies of acceptable use are respected, with a particular emphasis to the human part. We are only concerned about the respect of such rules, we respect your privacy, and we don't monitor anything else. For more information about this subject, see our Privacy Notices. Also look at our Policies of Acceptable Use.

6.2 If any user doesn't respect our terms and conditions or our Policies of Acceptable Use, we reserve the right to moderate or permanently terminate his/her account.

6.3 We also consider other people's reactions as valid indicators and:

    6.3.1 We may moderate or terminate the offending account if it is reported by many users.

    6.3.2 We may moderate or terminate the offending account if the corresponding profile is blacklisted by many users.

    6.3.3 If just one person reports any abuse or inappropriate content, we may moderate or even terminate the offending account if we find any evidence that an actual abuse have been occurred or any offensive content has been posted.

    6.3.4 If just one person reports any false profile, spam profile, hoaxes, or scams (including romantic scams), we will permanently terminate the offending account if we find any evidence that such an offense has been occurred.

    6.3.5 We may moderate or permanently terminate an account if we find any duplicate profile of that account or if someone reports it as duplicate and we find evidence about it.

    6.3.6 In general, we reserve the right to terminate any account for any reason whatsoever, without being forced to provide an explanation at all or take it back.

6.4 The exact number of users we consider sufficient to take any moderating action is subject to vary, and it is at our entire discretion.

7. Profiles and Names

7.1 In Meetero profiles are public. They can be found using a search engine by default. However:

    7.1.1 We don't force users to put their real names, we don't even recommend this practice. Using nicknames might be better in a place where we still don't know people enough to trust them.

    7.1.2 You can turn off this feature in Preferences if you don't want your profile to be public. However, if you make private a previously public profile, we can't guarantee that it will be completely removed by search engines or other services such as wayback machines.

    7.1.3 In Meetero, users can be found and searched by their usernames. This feature can't be turned off, however it's only available for registered users. It can't be used by anyone.

    7.1.4 If you have any other privacy concern, please refer to our privacy notices, where we will explain how we process our users' personal data. By using Meetero, the user must agree that we use his/her personal data according to our privacy policies. However, contrary to other websites, we don't use our user's data outside the context of this website/app.

    7.1.5 Our website/app also uses cookies and other similar data, but, once more, we don't use them outside the reach of our business logic. More about this in our cookies policy page.

    7.1.6 In particular, we do not use cookies to track users' personal information and/or use them without their knowledge and approval.

7.2 A basic profile information must be provided for the profile to be valid. This basic information includes: the date of birth, the user's location, the user's gender and the gender the user is interested in (male, female or both). A personal ad and a profile's picture are optional but strongly recomended.

7.3 A profile without the basic information is not valid and it will not be shown either publicly or to the other members.

7.4 Invalid profiles get automatically deleted after some time and without warning. This action can't be undone.

8. Interruption of Service

8.1 Meetero can not guarantee that it will be up and running all the time, we may face upgrading/maintenance/bug fixing or any other technical issues. Generally these interruptions last a few seconds, but they may take longer. We will ensure that any interruption of service will be as short as possible.

8.2 We are not responsible for any interruption of service longer than expected or cause by any force majeure.

9. Accounts

9.1 Any user is the exclusive owner of his/her account and all the information contained in it.

9.2 A user may close his/her account any time he/she wants. When a user closes his/her account, we usually give him/her a grace period of 28 days, during which the account remains inactive. If you have closed your account and, after that, changed your mind, you can still reactivate it. After those 28 days, the account will be permanently deleted and if you want to open it again, you have to recreate a completely new account.

9.3 We reserve the right to close any account that might violate our terms and conditions or any other policy or rule in our app.

9.4 Concerning any premium account or credits system.

    9.4.1 We may offer premium subscriptions in order to grant special privileges or any privilege we may consider worthy of it. For the same purpose, we also may offer pay as you go options in form of credits to provide similar features.

    9.4.2 If some users have paid any premium subscription or purchased any credit, they will lose them if their accounts get moderated or closed in case of any violation of our polices. Refunds are not applicable in these cases. However, we do not close accounts lightly, and it is unlikely that people committing such violations have paid for any service.

    9.4.3 For premium subscriptions or purchased credits, refunds are not applicable in general.

    9.4.4 Premium subscriptions are optional and they generally expire one year after the first use.

    9.4.5 Any pay as you go "credits" will expire one year after their purchase, even if the user never used them.

    9.4.6 If you get a premium subscription, and it expires after a year, it will try to auto-renew, unless you don't turn the auto renew feature off in your preferences.

    9.4.7 Credits, because of their nature of pay as you go, will not auto renew after their expiration, they are simply lost.

    9.4.8 If you purchase a new « pay as you go credit package » and you have expiring credits that you have not used yet, they will not be added to your new balance, so you'd better use them before they expire.

9.5 Users must confirm their accounts by email in order to activate them.

9.6 If the confirmation email is not valid or the account doesn't get confirmed, the system will delete it automatically after some time without warnings. This action can't be undone.

10. Help and Communications

10.1 We usually provide email assistance to our users, and we always try to answer in a timely manner.

10.2 The user must provide a valid email address when contacting us, otherwise we will not be able to answer.

10.3 The user should also make sure that no anti-spam filter is incorrectly configured so to prevent communication.

10.4 We usually answer all the messages. Therefore, if the user doesn't receive our answer, chances are that he or she is experiencing problems with his or her email account. So always double-check your email configuration if you don't receive answers.

10.5 Sometimes, email providers ban the email IP addresses for reasons they only understand or for any other reason they consider valid. If you write to us using some email address, and you don't get an answer, try to resend the message using another email address from another email provider. For example, if you don't get an answer using your Hotmail address, try with Gmail.

10.6 Any user of this service is solely identified with the email address that represents his or her account or with the cellular phone line with which the user might have confirmed his/her account. We don't provide or disclose sensitive data and information to users writing us with an unknown email address. If you have no way to access or use your email address associated with Meetero, you should at least prove your identity by mentioning the email associated to your account.

10.7 We strongly recommend you to open your Meetero account with an email address that will not change and that is reliable enough.

11. Copyright

Meetero.com is protected by copyright. Any reproduction, even partial, is strictly forbidden by law.

12. About Reputation

Any slanderous statement against our site, our program or our enterprise on social media, forum, mailing lists or any other media, will be claimed in justice and may involve your account termination.

13. Agreements

13.1 By using this service, you automatically accept these terms and conditions, and you also automatically accept all our Policies of Acceptable Use. If you don't accept them, then you are not allowed to use this service, and you shouldn't.

13.2 The user acknowledge that he or she is the only responsible for his/her choices, and we are not responsible at all about any accident that might arise after having met someone or any other slight or serious inconvenience that may be caused by improper use of this service, or by failure to take sufficient and reasonable safety and good sense security measures.

13.3 By joining this service the user agrees and declares to have an adult age and perfectly own his/her faculties, and we assume it. We discard any responsibility if the user signs up without having the legal age to do so.

13.4 By joining this service, the user solemnly declares to have carefully read, understood and totally agreed these terms and conditions. If the user do not agree with these terms, he or she shall not sign up.

14. Effective date

The terms were last updated on: February 14, 2024.

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