Usage / Safety Tips

At Meetero, our policy is clear: you are free and you know how to take care of yourself. We trust your commons sense and, since our app is intented to be used by users having the legal age to be considered masters of their decisions, we perfectly trust yours and we assume you know what you are doing. Our staff will never interfere with your free will. But, on top of this, we still have some suggestions you can take into account to make your experience even safer. That's why we have created the following safety tips:

  • Avoid sharing your personal information with strangers. Don't share your password, real name, address, financial information or any other sensitive data, unless you perfectly know and trust the people you are talking with.
  • Don't trust people claiming that they are from our staff. Don't give any personal information to them regarding your account. If you come up with one of these people, please report them. Our staff never contacts people to ask them for personal information.
  • Before meeting someone, try to exchange instant messaging contacts first, such as Telegram, Whatsapp or Signal, so you will have a chance to better know this person. Decide to meet someone only when you feel ready and always do it in public places. Don't share your personal address with anyone until you don't get confident enough with that person and don't accept take home invitations during your first dates. Don't go in any place with someone unless you know this person enough.
  • If you are a man and you get contacted by a nice young girl wanting to know you and to have a relationship with you, don't trust her. It is very unlikely that an attractive girl will contact you before you do it, and it's even more unlikely she will propose you a serious relationship without even knowing you. Real people never do that. If you receive such messages, they are always hoaxes or scams. We strongly suggest you to report them immediately. These people show a false interest to you in order to obtain money or help later. Open your eyes. These scams are real, they even have a name (romantic scams), and they are particuarly frequent in instant messengers like Telegram, because Telegram allows you to delete a complete conversation on both sides, deleting any evidence and remain completely anonymous. Although Telegram is the most used application for this, don't trust any and always use common sense.
  • Also, don't trust people claiming to be in trouble and asking for financial assistance. Or people who claim to have a large fortune to share and ask you for money to pay for the paperwork. This is another popular fraud. These are almost always hoaxes, and they are commonly sent by email. But any medium is potentially at risk.

If someone contacts you and you supect it is about any type of scam, don't forget again to report it to us immediately. We take this very seriously and we immediately terminate all the accounts that engage to such activities.

In general, all the precautions you may take in real life, may also apply to online platforms. Then, act on Meetero as you were in real life.

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