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On this page you will find everything having to do with privacy and user's data processing, including sensitive data. This page also describes how we share, store, collect and protect this data. Consequently, we recommend you to carefully read the entire content to avoid any concerns about privacy.

Meetero's Privacy Policies

1. About Sensitive Data

1.1 Our website/app offers some paid services such as « premium memberships » or « pay as you go » credits, which allow users to take full advantage of this service or benefit from special services and features. To get payments, we use professional and internationally reputable third party services, however we do not process, collect or store any sensitive data directly. How we handle this information depends largely on the third party services related to the payment method the user will use. Please refer to this third party service's policy about sensitive data management for more information.

2. About the Data We Collect

2.1 When you create a valid profile on our website/app, these are the main personal information you provide:

  • Your birthdate.

  • Your email address.

  • Your username.

  • Your gender.

  • The gender you are searching.

This information is mandatory to have a valid profile.

Also we may optionally collect information about your contacts, see 2.4 below for more details..

2.1.1 You may also add a personal ad and a profile picture in your basic profile. This information is optional but people providing it are much more successful with other users.

2.1.2 Your mobile phone number is not part of your profile, you can provide it in your settings and, if so, it would only serve the purpose to further confirm your identity, it will never be visible in your profile, and we will not use it to call you or send you any unnecessary message.

2.1.3 Your first and last names are not part of your profile, you can specify them in your settings, and they are only used for accounting purposes, if you pay for any additional services. Again, they will never be visible on your profile, because they are not used in the context of our social media and its purposes.

2.1.4 Your email address: Will be used to identify your account and for authentication purposes in combination with your password. It will not be used to identify your profile. Your username will be used for this instead. It will not be shown in your profile. Again, your username will be used for this. Finally you shall not to specify your email address in your profile, our policies don't allow it, even if you would like to do so.

2.1.4 As you have already guessed, your username has the purpose to identify your profile on our website/app. It is the name that others will see and identify you by. Your username may be any name you want, as long as it is unique, including your real name, even if we don't recommend it.

2.1.5 Your birth date will only be used to determine your age, which will be displayed in your profile and search results. Your birth date will not be shown in your profile, only your age will, and it will only influence the way you get listed in any search result. That is, your profile will get listed if your age is in the range of ages searched in a simple or advanced search. Your age does not determine your score or the performance of your profile and does not impact the result of your own searches. For example, if you search for people from 25 to 35 years old, you will see all the people in this age range, even if you are not in the age range they usually search. Doing so would limit the search power of each user, and you should not forget that this site will not necessarily be used for dating, so age is a weak factor when it is not a direct search criteria.

2.2 Our website/app also may collect additional information such as your sexual orientation and romantic temperament, your physical appearance and/or description, your personal style, tastes, education, skills, and much more.

2.3 This information will be part of your advanced profile, which is nothing more than additional information about you, you might specify if you want to customize more your use of Meetero. For example, if you are not using Meetero for dating, you may not be interested to show information about your romantic temperament, if you are only interested in dating, you might not be interested to show information about your profession or skills, or maybe you are ok with both. After all the way you fill your profile largely depend on the way you want to use Meetero, then fell free to customize your profile as you want, without forgetting that having a complete profile is a factor to get a better participation rank.

2.3.1 However, most of the advanced profile information is optional, and you don't have to provide it if you don't want to. In addition, none of this will be used outside the scope of our website/app, and it will only serve to help you and others to better know each other.

2.3.2 Nothing of what you provide in your profile will be used for anything else, nothing of this will be shared with or sold to others.

2.3.3 Also, your personal information will not be manipulated, used or managed for commercial purposes other than the goal we are sharing with you on this website/app: helping you to know new people for whatever reason you want.

2.4 Our website may optionally ask you to invite your contacts to join Meetero and provide you with special powers in return. These special powers allow you to have additional privileges in the system or get more visibility. For this purpose we may use several apis.

2.4.1 Any information about your contacts will solely be used for the aim mentioned here, that is, provide the mentioned functionality and invite people to join our srevice. This information will not be stored in our server once the operation has finished and we will not use it in any different way than the one mentioned here.

2.4.2 In particular, we will not collect, sell, resell or distribute any information regarding the email address and any other data from the user's contacts.

2.4.3 Meetero use and transfer to any other app of information received from Google APIs will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements. For more information about Google API Services User Data Policy, click here.

3. Geolocalization

3.1 Geolocalization is only used for account purposes.

3.2 We don't geolocalize profiles, not because this constitutes any violation whatsoever, but because this is not needed in our business model. Anyone is free to find anyone or to be found by anyone in the location they want, finding nearby users is not part of our purposes, and any search results depend solely on the search criteria the user indicates.

4. How We Use Your Information

4.1 Information about our users is used exclusively for the purposes of our website/app, that is, helping them to know new people.

4.2 WE WILL NOT use it to:

    4.2.1 Offer any service or feature to you or anyone else.

    4.2.2 Conduct any research about how you use our service.

    4.2.3 Send any promotional offer.

4.3 We will use it to:

    4.3.1 Provide you better search results based on your personal data and your past searches.

    4.3.2 Conduct analysis of how you interact with others in order to determine affinities and provide suggestions about people you may wish to meet and who may like you.

    4.3.3 Investigate frauds.

    4.3.4 Resolve disputes.

    4.3.5 Enforce our Terms and Conditions.

    4.3.6 Enforce our Policies of Acceptable Use.

    4.3.7 Protect our users from harm.

    4.3.8 Contact you in order to run surveys for research purposes about how to provide you better search results or to obtain feedback. However, this is disabled by default. You could enable it in your privacy settings.

5. What Others May See About You

5.1 Everything you put in your profile may be seen by others.

5.2 Any information that is not part of your profile will not be seen by anyone.

5.3 On Meetero, profiles are public by default. This means that your profile can be found by search engines and anyone may see it, even without having a Meetero account and without being authenticated. If you don't want your profile to be public, you can make it private in your Settings.

5.4 If you set your profile as private in the preferences, only other Meetero members will be able to see it when they are logged into the system, and they will be the only ones able to find you using the search function provided by Meetero. In this case, nothing about your profile will be seen outside Meetero, unless your profile was previously public and some search engine did not update the changes yet.

6. Rights About Your Data

6.1 Any user owns his/her profile data completely.

6.2 The user can modify or remove his/her personal data at any time.

6.3 Some personal information such as the gender or the birth date may be modified only once. This is done with the intentional purpose of avoiding abuses.

7. Account Moderation or Termination

7.1 Any user may terminate his/her account anytime he/she wants

7.2 If a user terminates an account, this account will remain inactive during 28 days, this is called the grace period during which the user may change his/her mind and get his/her account back. After these 28 days, the account will be completely deleted.

7.2 We may moderate or terminate any account that violates our Terms and Conditionsor our Policies of Acceptable Use. If an account is moderated the user will not be able to:

    7.2.1 Perform searches.

    7.2.2 View photo details of any profile.

    7.2.3 View photos in carousel of any profile.

    7.2.4 Contact users.

    7.2.5 Interact with others users in any other way.

7.3 A moderated account may be appealed. If the infraction is very serious, such as creating a scam profile, the account will be terminated directly without notice or possibility to appeal.

8. Final Notes

8.1 The content of this privacy notice is subject to change over time and the nature of each clause is retroactive, i.e., it is considered valid even before its inclusion.

8.2 In general, we work in compliance with international laws on privacy and personal data with particular reference to the dignity of individuals.

8.3 The user's personal data will be used exclusively within the purposes of this site/app.

8.4 Every user has the right to remain anonymous and to determine at any time which data should be displayed and which should not.

8.4 No data from any user will be used outside the scope indicated in these notes and in our Terms and Conditions.

9. Agreement

9.1 By joining this service, the user solemnly declares to have carefully read, understood and totally agreed these privacy policies.

10. Effective date

The privacy policies were last updated on August 9, 2022.

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