About Meetero and Us

Regarding Meetero

Meetero was initially designed to satisfy a specific need: meeting new people in unusual places, like another city or another country. Let's take a typical example, every time Marc had traveled for work or pleasure, he always wanted to make new friends, especially in countries where he didn't know the language. In the past, there were many chats and dating services that were organized regionally, but nowadays, most dating apps and chats are designed to meet nearby people. In Meetero, you can get in touch with people anywhere you want without any restriction or initial assumption.

Then, the best part is that you don't even have to be a tourist looking for friendship or a local wanting to know people from outside, this is not a condition of use. You can use Meetero for any purpose, including finding people in your area. The user has the most total freedom to search for specific people according to specific preferences in any place.

About Us

Our team is constitued by people coming the fusion between a veteran online company, Ionenet SENC from Canada, and fresh ideas coming from new talents. As a result, we hope to form a unique team to meet the demands of the modern web. With this product, we took an established concept and gave it a new breath of ideas to satisfy the users of today's world, where there are fewer and fewer barriers to communication and travels are more accessible.

Our company Ionenet SENC, whose root is based in Canada, has been produced several products and occasionally provided a consulting service since 2003. Meetero is another addition to a unique experience that you will want to repeat: the joy of sharing something new and vibrant. In the web, we have our home, which is the heart of our world.

Our headquarters are located at the following address:

470 Ile de Mai, Terrebonne, Québec J6W6G9

However our representative and developers are spread all over the world, because most of the staff is made up of remote collaborators and staff. For any information you can use our contact form.

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