About Meetero and Us

Regarding Meetero

Meetero was initially designed to satisfy a specific need: meeting new people in unfamiliar environments. Let's take an example of Marc, a typical user. Every time Marc had traveled to other cities and countries he always wanted to make new friends, especially in countries where he didn't know the language. In the past, there were many chat and dating services that were organized regionally, but nowadays, most dating and chat sites are pigeonholed into the concept of meeting people nearby. Meetero's goal is to break this paradigm without losing a sense of generality.

Although this site is ideal to meet people in places where we don't live, being a tourist looking for friendship is not a requirement or a condition of use. Meetero may be used for any purpose, including to meet nearby people. The only difference is that we don't force users in any way towards a particular goal, the user has complete freedom to search for specific people who respond to determined descriptions in any place.

Regarding Us

The Meetero.com team is made up of people from the Canadian company Ionenet SENC, as well as of new people, representing the fusion between a veteran online company and fresh ideas coming from new talents. As a result, we hope to form a unique team to meet the demands of the modern web. With this product, we took an established concept and gave it a new breath of ideas to satisfy the users of today's world, where there are fewer and fewer barriers to communication and travel are more accessible. We have added the concept of artificial intelligence to this business model. The artificial intelligence applied to a dating site is an experimental project whose goal is to bring the classical «get a match» site to a new dimension. These concepts are still not fully implemented on the modern web, being still almost exclusively used for advertising and not to give love or a beautiful friendship a chance.

Our company Ionenet SENC, based in Canada, has been providing a web development and consulting service since 2003, premiering Meetero, in its catalog of services, ensuring a unique experience that you will want to repeat. It is the home of many, the joy of sharing something new and vibrant. In our web home is the heart of the world.

Our headquarters are located at the following address:

470 Ile de Mai, Terrebonne, Québec J6W6G9

Our official headquarters are located there, however our operation is spread all over the world, because most of the staff is made up of freelancers, including the management and the CEO. For any information you can use our contact form.

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