Introduction to Meetero is technically a website and dating app like many others. Its primary purpose is to allow users to meet new people. However there are 3 unique features that make it stand out:

Total Freedom Without Pigeonholing

Unlike most dating sites, both general and thematic/specialized, Meetero is not based exclusively on meeting people in your area. It isn't even a dating site, but, rather, it is a social media for dating. Because of a wider vision than the usual dating site, you can use it for any purpose, to the point that the original concept of meeting people during travel is not a requirement at all when using the app. We provide a wide range of search options so that users can search for people in the place they want, and for the reason they want, with a wonderful range of customization. In summary, our users can tailor Meetero in the way that suits them best.

We don't favor a gender over the other and we will always haunt for a good balance between quality men and good women, we value entire profiles rather than simple photos, and we have sophisticated scoring systems that ensure quality and success for our users. The goal is that both men and women feel equally favored.

Although we may consider displaying advertisements, our business model is not based on them, neither on the concept of trying to keep users connected as much as possible and show them as much ads as possible. Our monetization tactics will only contribute to the quality we offer.

Most websites currently use artificial intelligence to tailor advertising. We use it to tailor search results, to make finding certain people easier. Our ads, even if present, will never be our main concern.

Everything in Meetero was designed in function of the user's goals, we need the success of our users to grow and fullfill our goals. We also need that our users feels wonderful and have wonderful experiences with this app, because only a place like that can expect to succeed and progress in the long run. We hope you enjoy your stay on, and we will make our best to improve it day after day.

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