What Makes Meetero Unique

Meetero is not just another dating site. It is a social media to meet new people either during travel or nearby. You can use it not only to find love, but also friendship, casual conversation or even professional collaboration. It provides additional social media features that are usually not present in most popular dating sites. Its business logic and model are completely different with respect to these. We'll try to explain here the main differences and innovations, (some of these additional social features are still not available yet but they definitively are in our agenda).

Your Whole Profile Matters not Just Your Pictures

{% trans "This is a big difference of concept. Your pictures are only part of your profile; in Meetero, they are not the unit. As a result, when people vote you, they will not vote your photos but your entire profile and Meetero rewards profile completion, richness and popularity, this is part of our participation and popularity ranks, which are just two of the four ranking factors in Meetero. High ranked profiles will be more visible on the platform, easier to find and much more successful in their quest. Whyle spammy, freudulent, fake or bad profiles will be more difficult to find and some will not be visible at all. Prevention of fake and deceptive profiles is one of the positive consequences of ranking."

We really care about your success

Most dating services are not really focused on the success of their users. Their main aim is showing ads, the more and longer they show ads, the more they make money. For this reason their most important interest is making you stay in their system as long as possible and if you don't find the people you are looking for and who might like you, you will stay longer and see more ads.

We have understood that this model doesn't work in the long run. Because people get tired and bored, they realize that dating sites don't work, they stop using them and these websites become broken and trash. We don't want this happen. Our goal is really to make you succeed, no matter if you are looking for friendship, love, or collaboration, we want you to find exactly what you are looking for and we are putting all our efforts into it.

Simply put, your success make us more successful and success will always be rewarding, so we don't have this losing mentality consisting to make you stay in the site as long and as possible. Ads are not the most important factor in our business model and they will never affect user experience.

Find People Who Might Like You

Another important innovation in Meetero is its affinity rank, our third used ranking factor. Contrary to the usual affinity computations used by dating sites, the affinity rank does not consist in selecting people with the same tastes and interests than you. You can already make this selection yourself by using the advanced search if you want.

By affinity rank, we really mean the famous who buys A also buys B concept, applied to people, not products or search results in the web. If you search for people on Meetero, the first ones we will show you are people who, in their previous searches, have searched for people like you or similar to you.

More simply, we will show you people who might like you before others! And we will do the same selection in suggestions based on your profile and past searches, as well as in the perfect match page.

We have a fourth ranking factor, which is user's reputation. Together with the other 3 ranking factors, we select the subjective best profiles for you and we will show them first.

Good Gender Balance

These ranking factors and other algotirmic techniques are not used only to rank people but also to leverage a good balance between men and women. You will no longer find 70 men for each woman because we algoritmically prevent it.

Human Support and IA Assisted Moderation

Automatic moderation and user's care are everywhere today, but they are not always the best for the user. For this reason we have conceived our support system to be as much human as possible, automatic moderation will only be supportive, not exclusive and we will always review moderation decisions made automatically before applying them.

The Dating Concept to the Next Level

Meetero is maybe not the only website/app that brought the dating concept to a social media dimension, but we are doing it in a new level, because the entire business model is designed around the social nature of the app and its ranking factors. This means that we don't make assumptions about your goals, your gender or your sexual orientation here, we do not favor a gender over the other and we do not base our assumed user's behaviors.

The result is that Meetero is a versatile site, where nothing is taken for granted and where everything depends on what you want to do and what you want to search. We don't make decisions for you and we don't want to earn on these decisions. Contrary to dating sites, which are very pigeonholed and exclusively based on making money at the expense of users' permanence, on Meetero.com you have the same freedom than in any modern social media. For this reason, Meetero is not a dating site, but, rather, a social media to meet new people.

The old concept of early dating sites, before the introduction of annoying assumptons, is rediscovered and proposed again with the original freshness, but modern vision. Our mature experience allows us to avoid traditional mistakes associated with dating sites.

Meetero will never use your personal data to sell it or tailor ads on it. It uses the information provided in your profile to help you in finding what you are looking for. You can fully trust Meetero, because your success is our goal by design. Try it. You will not regret.

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